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GWP is a Lagos based multifaceted firm involved in conceptualizing to production of films. We have been involved in the production of films since 1994 and our work has won numerous awards including Best Picture THEMA award 1996, Best Film on Drug NFC 2004, Best Picture Anambra Film Award 2003 and Best Director Anambra Film Award 2003. Our team is made up of tested hands in the film industry that can hold their ground anywhere .

We are an indigenously owned outfit, registered under the relevant laws of the country. We have been involved in a variety of activities in our primary areas of emphasis. Keeping our clients satisfied has remained our driving force, and helping them achieve their growth plans has translated into our own growth. .

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We also offer world class gromming services where you work with nationally acclaimed talents and award winning producers, After your time in our care, The sky is your starting point


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Recent Projects

Torn Garment

Stella's parents well to do parents have always provided everything for her except for parental guidance, Will this be enough for her as she takes on adolesence life. This movie is dedicated to Hiv patients

Babie Gals

A series about the struggles of 4 young, single women who must struggle to eke out aliving and strive in their career paths in a male dominated world which takes advantage of single women

Twin Rivers

Unfortunate circimstances have plagued the lives of two young people and survive the must through the hardships, Watch the interesting story of how they go about striving in a world which is all but kind chosing their own different paths along the way.